Case study 1


A government agency wants to replace its furniture with something more ergonomic and trendy. It is preparing to dispose of its current furniture and wants to buy exactly the same brand, and simply change the shapes, colours and sizes. We suggest remanufacturing their furniture and fully reproducing their new workstation prototype. We provide exactly what they want and, based on the exchange principle, reuse their existing components to ensure maximum financial and environmental savings.

Case study 2


An engineering firm is seeking to secure a public contract for a two-year project. Instead of proposing new furniture, we suggest a second-hand alternative in excellent condition to reduce costs by almost half, since the project is temporary. In addition to these savings, we guarantee in advance that we will buy back the furniture at the end of the two-year project, at a predetermined price. Since its competitors all offer the same salaries and benefits, the firm was able to win the public contract through its furniture savings.

Case study 3


As part of an expansion, a company with 40 office employees is planning to relocate to a space that can accommodate 100 employees. We propose supplying 100 workstations similar to the ones that the designer had initially developed for them. After the move, we salvage the customer's 40 workstations that are no longer needed. On paper, this customer acquired 60 new workstations and upcycled 40 existing ones, which amounts to considerable financial and GHG savings. Since we have a huge inventory, we can upcycle the customer's furniture based on the “exchange principle” to make it easier to manage the logistics related to the move.

As Furniture Masters, we work in partnership to offer turnkey eco-friendly furniture solutions.

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We are inspired by an environmental mission that goes above and beyond our corporate commitment. It's why we exist.


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