Who we are

We see beyond furniture

Drawing on the concept of the circular economy, we help companies update their work environment and considerably reduce their environmental impact by using eco-friendly corporate furniture. Through our various furniture refurbishment programs, we work together with customers, architects, designers and building managers to help companies participate in a greener future in a cost-effective and profitable way.


Products and services

Think furniture differently
Our expert corporate furniture technicians buy, refurbish, sell and distribute top-quality furniture that follows current trends to offer companies cost-effective, practical and sustainable solutions that reflect their business needs.



We work with customers and designers to maximize furniture's potential through a white-glove refurbishment process.

In the spirit of profitable sustainable development, we sell both upcycled and new furniture to offer our customers an extensive selection.

We buy large lots of brand name furniture to allow our customers to update their furniture and reduce their environmental footprint. We also offer a responsible decommissioning service.

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  Upcycled corporate furniture
Our upcycled corporate furniture is 30 to 50 percent less expensive than its new equivalent, and it comes with the same manufacturing warranty.

  New corporate furniture
We sell and distribute new corporate furniture that is manufactured in a way that reflects our eco-friendly philosophy.

  High-quality second-hand furniture
We also offer second-hand furniture, a quick and cost-effective solution that does not compromise on quality.


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Case study

A government agency wants to replace its furniture with something more ergonomic and trendy. It is preparing to dispose of its current furniture and wants to buy exactly the same brand, and simply change the shapes, colours and sizes. We suggest remanufacturing their furniture and fully reproducing their new workstation prototype. We provide exactly what they want and, based on the exchange principle, reuse their existing components to ensure maximum financial and environmental savings.


Sustainable practices

Upcycling 1 full corporate workstation saves enough energy to supply 10 homes for an entire day and is equivalent to planting 10 trees. We believe that, through our expertise and eco-friendly vision, we can considerably reduce our customers' environmental impact and improve the quality of work spaces. We are committed to improving the environment, one piece of furniture at a time.